Brazil demographic data for GIS analysis

Brazil’s population is dynamic, diverse and constantly changing.  Brazil’s traditional data sources, however, are not.  Using aging Censo 2010 data for analysis today puts businesses at risk of not seeing the dramatic population change that has occurred over the past seven years.

That’s why we provide a growth-adjusted dataset that can help you focus on areas of significant change, so you can find and address the best market opportunities.

GeoAnalitica integrates data from leading Brazilian authorities to bring the Censo 2010 estimates up to date, while adding new socio-demographic indicators that shed new light on consumers at a micro-level.

Available at micro-geographies like Setor Censitário, our demographic estimates are the perfect starting point for ground-breaking research into your Brazilian markets and trade areas.

If understanding the location and magnitude of demographic growth in Brazil matters to your business, reach out to us to see how we can help shed new light on the exciting growth stories unfolding across Brazil.