Mexico demographic data for GIS analysis

We saw the need, and envisioned the right solution: a way to link together multiple sources of Mexican data in a growth-aware methodology to get more accurate analytical results.

GeoAnalitica develops proprietary techniques to bring together data from 10 primary data sources.  Our unique methodology allows us to translate data from differing programs and distinct organizations into one common language, allowing unprecedented insight into the demographics, incomes and expenditures of urban areas across Mexico.

Our revolutionary Growth Grids add-on package offers demographic insights for new residential developments taking place outside of AGEB boundaries.  These areas aren’t reflected in any other small-area dataset, yet they account for nearly 7 million individuals.  This is a new level of insight on high-growth areas that serious business users can’t afford to ignore.

Mexico population growth and AGEBs
It’s more than just AGEBs…GeoAnalitica tracks growth even on the outskirts of Mexican cities.

Because we incorporate a growth-detecting methodology in our data build, our AGEB and Growth Grid data provide a more realistic view of what’s really happening on the ground.  And, because we build our growth-aware datasets once annually, you can be sure that you have the most recent estimates possible as you zoom in on exciting growth stories throughout Mexico.

If understanding the distribution of population growth in Mexico is vital to your business, you owe it to yourself to get in touch with us today.  Chances are we can help you discover and assess areas of significant growth that were previously unknown.