Panama demographic data for location intelligence

Panama is a logistics and finance powerhouse in Central America, and for good reason.  Its central location, well-educated population, wealth and stability make it attractive to foreign investment.  To make the most of opportunities in Panama, consumer-facing brands need to have the right data resources in place – something that goes beyond Panama’s 2010 census data.  That’s where GeoAnalitica comes in.

A map of population in Panama, using GeoAnalitica demographics
Panama’s population distribution, using GeoAnalitica’s Panama demographics dataset

We built our 2018 Panama demographic data using a broad array of primary data sources, linked together in a growth-aware methodology that pinpoints pockets of population – even in areas that weren’t developed at the time of the latest Panama census.  Our unique process also brings in recent-year consumer income data, so you can shed light on Panama’s consumer landscape in ways you couldn’t before.

If Panama’s exciting, dynamic consumer market has caught the eye of your company, you owe it to yourself to see your opportunities in the right context. GeoAnalitica’s Panama demographics could be the right tool for you.  Reach out to us for more information or to schedule a data demonstration.