Our Data and Countries

GeoAnalitica develops high-precision geo-demographic datasets to help you research consumers in top Latin American markets. GeoAnalitica boasts extensive experience working with multiple primary sources, and our proprietary methodologies allow our data to shed light on the characteristics of consumers at the most microscopic level possible.  Even better, our datasets are all built using a growth-detection methodology, so you can make sure you’re fully seeing the location and magnitude of population growth in these important Latin America markets.

GeoAnalitica’s datasets cover a broad spectrum of demographics, from basic to advanced, for a growing number of countries.  Currently, we have products available for:

We are constantly developing new datasets for new countries.  We’d love to hear which markets matter to your business, and we are always open to suggestions for what to build next.  Contact us to learn more about our data solutions in Latin America, or to see whether we can help with your needs in different markets.