It's just different there.

Costa Rica lives a bit differently than its neighbors.  Unsurprisingly, Costa Rica data and boundaries are a little different, too.  
GeoAnalitica helps you make sense of them.

Growth Detection

GeoAnalitica's Costa Rica demographic data benefits from our small-area growth detection and allocation methodology, ensuring that the data you analyze are closer to ground-truth than outdated INEC Censo data.


Age, education, household characteristics, and other key demographics are important.  Equally important is the level of disaggregation.  GeoAnalitica's Costa Rica demographic data go deeper than the Canton level to allow fine-grained analytics.


Larger geographic boundaries, like Costa Rica canton GIS data, don't allow the granularity needed for thoughtful site selection.  GeoAnalitica leverages a proprietary Growth Grids methodology to subdivide Costa Rica canton boundaries into smaller and more insightful units.
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