Our 2021 Mexico demographic data at AGEB and Municipio cover most business needs. For special customizations, reach out and ask.


INEGI Censo 2020 variables on age, education, household structure and more, updated to current year.

Income and Expenditures

Average, per-capita and aggregate estimates for household income and expenditures-by-category.


Scoring on the familiar AMAI NSE AB/C+/C/C-/D+/D/E scale, at Urban AGEB and equivalent.


Topologically cleansed boundaries for geographies like Municipio, Colonia, Código Postal, and more.

Business Locations

Precise locations, official names and firmographics for more than 5 million Mexican businesses.

Political Affiliation

Proprietary estimates of political party affiliation, at Urban AGEB and equivalent.

Key Figures: Mexico 2020-vintage


Household Count

Our 2020-vintage identified and located 232,000 new households, just in the eight months following the Censo 2020 enumeration.

Population Count

That's three quarters of a million people more than the Censo 2020 count, due to the dramatic effect of new household formation and residential development.

Growth Grids Count

Growth Grids track new-build, formalized residential communities and are an important indicator for localized household growth.

Average Annual Household Income

But, a national average isn't very helpful.  Our process produces unique, evidence-based income and class estimates at Urban AGEB.
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Site Selection

Make stale data, anecdotal evidence, and guesstimates a thing of the past. GeoAnalitica's annually growth-adjusted estimates help real estate representatives and analysts identify and pre-qualify areas of growth. Empower your team for proactive site selection with GeoAnalitica.

Predictive Analytics

Making accurate inferences about the future isn't an easy task. But it's nearly impossible to do with outdated census data. GeoAnalitica's low-lag, growth-aware estimates help draw a real-world connection between inputs and results, for tighter predictions about what comes next.

Logistics Planning

Allocate your logistics resources to fit the market, the way it truly is today. GeoAnalitica's current-year estimates highlight areas of new household growth, empowering your team for proactive, agile market strategies.

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