Panama is a powerhouse.
Can your data keep up?

With strong advantages in location and social and political stability, Panama is a small yet significant market.  But Panama demographic data can be challenging.
GeoAnalitica can help.


GeoAnalitica provides updated estimates on demographic data variables like age, income, education levels, and household characteristics, empowering users to understand the 'who' and 'where' of their core customers across Panama.

Growth Detection

Our methodology allows us to detect and quantify population growth at micro-scales, allowing for accurate small-area population estimates well beyond Censo years.


Not only does GeoAnalitica provide estimates and boundaries at the Corregimiento level, but we take it one step further.  Our Growth Grids technology allows us to subdivide Corregimientos into finer-grained geostatistical boundaries, ideal for small trade area analytics.
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