What we do. Differently.

GeoAnalitica creates value-added, 
current-year demographic estimates for Mexico and other key Lat-Am markets.

How we build.

Our methodology starts with Censo data, and integrates low-latency public and private data to estimate demographics and socioeconomics as they are today.

Ground truth.

Our highest priority in building accurate, annually-updated geodemographic data is simple: Just tell the truth.
The low-latency, growth-aware data sources we integrate in our process each provide a piece to complete the puzzle and tell the true story of what's changing at the smallest geographic level.  No goal-seek, no sugarcoating.  Just ground truth.
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Growth estimated natively at small-area scale
Socioeconomic scores on the AB/C/D/E scale
Growth Grids to highlight new-growth areas
Fine-tuned boundaries for better cartography
Inter-vintage consistency for painless updates


From 2015 to today, our products have continually evolved to meet the needs of our clients and the challenges of 
location intelligence in Latin America.

Building the technology

GeoAnalitica launches, building on years of experience in sourcing, processing and analyzing US, Mexico and Brazil geodemographic data.  We develop a growth detection process to highlight the high-change areas that matter most to business users.

First release

Our Mexico 2015-vintage package is quickly licensed by our first client, a Fortune 100 firm who is still with us today...thank you!  Just 5 years past Censo 2010, Mexico's urban areas have grown by nearly 5 million people, visible only in our data suite.

Growth Grids

Mexico's Urban AGEBs always seemed to end just when things were getting interesting, with the biggest new developments outside the urban core.  Our Growth Grid approach debuted in 2017, providing boundaries and structure to qualifying and quantifying growth outside the periférico.

Rural AGEBs

Newly released boundaries for rural areas allowed for our first-ever 100% territorial coverage datasets for Mexico.  Beyond better visuals, these Rural AGEBs offer a dramatic improvement in analysis of large trade areas.

Censo 2020

INEGI does their best work yet on collecting, processing and disseminating Censo 2020 data, all the more commendable in all the headwinds of 2020.   We pick up where the Censo left off, with our 2020-vintage identifying a quarter million new households coming online after the Censo count.

We love Latin America demographics...
and we want you to love them, too.

See how your world looks with better data.

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