Small. But significant.

Densely-populated El Salvador is a market that should be on multinationals' radar.  GeoAnalitica helps make sense of it with growth-aware El Salvador demographics.

Growth Detection

El Salvador Censo data is rarely updated, leaving multinational firms in the dark about the where-and-when of population growth. GeoAnalitica fills in the gaps using a proprietary growth detection process.

Demographic Data

Understanding the composition and profiles of households is a key need in market research.  This is all the more important in a nation like El Salvador, with a significant share of its citizens working abroad.  GeoAnalitica provides the demographic estimates to highlight where your core customers live.

GIS Boundaries

GeoAnalitica's El Salvador data covers the country at the Segmento Censal level.  We take it one step further by subdividing these according to our proprietary Growth Grids schema, enabling fine-grained analytics of small markets.
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