Announcing 2020 Mexico Demographic Data

We are pleased to announce the launch of GeoAnalitica’s 2020-vintage Mexico Demographic Data suite, the latest in our series of annually updated Mexico demographics, and the first to use INEGI’s Censo 2020 base-year data and boundaries.  One hallmark of our demographics is their ability to reflect household and population growth, at the smallest area of […]

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The quick guide to Mexico Censo AGEBs and Manzanas

It's been a few years since we took some time on this blog to talk about Mexico's Censo program (run by an organization named Instituto Nacional de Estadística, Geografía e Informática, best known by its acronym INEGI). Specifically, we want to do a deep-dive into the methodology and key vocabulary when it comes to INEGI's […]

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2019 Mexico demographic data

We’re pleased to announce the release of our newest vintage of Mexico geodemographic data.  GeoAnalitica’s 2019 Mexico data products offer growth-adjusted estimates for a few hundred variables (among them, 2019 population, 2019 household count, and 2019 household income).  Our 2019 Mexico estimates are available at the most relevant geographic units: a package of Urban AGEBs, […]

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Residencial del Parque, Querétaro

Cada año, GeoAnalitica hace un recorrido de un área de Mexico, para sacar fotos de las comunidades representadas por nuestras Cuadras de Crecimiento.  Lo hacemos para poder mostrar en nuestra mercadotecnia cómo se ven las Cuadras en la vida cotidiana.  También intentamos reforzar el idea: sin los datos demográficos de las Cuadras (que no se […]

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Outside the Periférico: Res. Puerta Real, SLP

San Luis Potosí is riding the same wave as so many of its neighbors.  Good quality of life, a stable security situation, and a central location coupled with great infrastructure make for a booming local economy.  The expansion of middle-class jobs in SLP has created a significant demand for new housing, and true to form, […]

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Branching out: Viñedos del Sur, Aguascalientes

On the south side of Aguascalientes city, tucked behind the gargantuan Nissan factory, sits an expansive new residential development geared towards the working class.  Viñedos del Sur is a densely packed community, townhouse-style, with minimal amenities and scarcely even a tree.  Yet despite this agglomeration of household (we estimate nearly 3,200), nobody who lives here […]

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Outside of AGEBs, but still growing: Fraccionamiento El Palmar, Tapachula

Tapachula, and Chiapas in general, doesn’t seem to get a lot of credit for the growth it has experienced.  Tapachula’s fortunes are influenced by winds of change blowing northwesterly from Central America.  (“Fortunes” might be a stretch…Tapachula is not quite the investment attractor that its cousins on the Northern border have always been.) In Chiapas, […]

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Mexico demographic data snapshot: CADU Long Island, Cancún

On the south side of Cancún, in an area not covered by any INEGI AGEB or manzana, we see a new community, with a curious branding strategy. While lawyers and financiers in Manhattan dream of the sea breezes and relaxation of Cancún, a prominent real estate developer called CADU markets an Empire State of mind […]

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New release: 2018 Mexico Demographic Data

Today, we’re excited to bring to market our newest Mexico data release.  Our 2018-vintage demographic estimates carry the torch from prior years, utilizing a consistent growth-adjustment methodology fueled by the most recent data available.  As always, our Mexico demographic data shed light on small-area changes in urban and semi-urban areas, whether or not there’s an […]

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Welcome aboard, SIGSA!

As we prepare for our 2018-edition Mexico demographic data release, GeoAnalitica is happy to report an exciting new development that will empower a new audience of users with growth-adjusted geodemographic data. We are honored to have Sistemas de Información Geográfica, SA (SIGSA), Mexico’s leading provider of GIS software solutions and services, on board as the […]

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