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Mexico demographics

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REACH OUTMexico demographic data at Manzana, AGEB and Municipio being analyzed

Demographic Data

We cover the data that matter.  Age, education, household structure, and socioeconomic data help you understand the who and where of your next great market opportunity.

Growth Detection

Empower your process with intel on the size, quality and location of new-build communities and infill developments, the same year they come online.

Improved Boundaries

We correct gaps, overlaps and topological errors to reduce clutter on your basemaps and improve analytical precision for your next market study.


Our flagship data suite covers Mexico AGEB demographics with an unprecedented annual update frequency.


Each contributing data source sees part of the story.  We combine them in a way that tells the whole story of population growth and demographic change.


 GeoAnalitica's Mexico demographic data estimates are made natively at Urban AGEB and equivalent level.  Most of our source data are natively lat/lon.

Income & Class

The INEGI Censo doesn't collect income data.  GeoAnalitica fills in the gap with a change-aware income and class estimates at small-area scales.

Numbers matter.

Every business leader knows
Mexico's population is growing.  
Only the best know precisely.
90% in 1%

Our micro-targeted approach detected 90% of Mexico's 2020 household growth in just 1% of the geographic units on the map.
4.2 million

The sum of households not reflected in their Censo base-year, identified by GeoAnalitica's process since our launch in 2015.
6% to 19%
The range of how prevalent the A/B socioeconomic class is in Mexico's 15 most populous metros.


The number of 2020 Growth Grid units we created to encapsulate the quarter-million new households not inside any urban boundary.

Beyond Mexico

Our approach redefines demographic data across key Lat-Am consumer markets, helping you understand the local context like never before.

GeoAnalitica's Countries

Our methodology helps to untangle the complicated demographic data environments in key Lat-Am consumer markets, empowering business leaders to truly understand the 'who' and 'where' of their core customer profile.

Better data drive better results.
See what you can achieve with the best.

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